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The meaning and symbolism of the angel number 999 for life, love, and other things

Similar to how it is within the single digits, nine represents endings in numerology. A new cycle of life may be on its way if you're seeing 999 in your daily life. 

These repeating number sequences, known as angel numbers, are used as guides for deeper spiritual exploration. From zero to nine, each numeral has its own significance. 

In a conversation with Elizabeth Summers, esoteric numerologer, USA TODAY dives deeper into the number nine and its angel number meaning, including how it can impact your relationships and careers. 

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What does 999 mean?

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The angel number 999 is associated with completion. In this sense, seeing 999 means things in your current situation are coming to an end in order for new opportunities to present themselves.

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"I always use the phrase 'God's closing doors, but opening windows,' and that is the number nine," said Summers. 

Jobs may come to an end, relationships and friends may fizzle out but this all happens to bring on bigger and better possibilities. There is also a creative and entertaining energy with the number nine, said Summers.

This angel number signals to trust the process of how your life is shaping out, what is meant to be will be, and don't get caught up in the drama. 

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If you're seeing 999, old loves from this lifetime or another may make reappearances. While you may pick up where you left off and it feels passionate, the romance is ill-fated. "It does not last because it's the completion," said Summers. 

Passion is a buzzword for this angel number and as a result, relationships can become very dramatic. Try to remain emotionally neutral and detached, said Summers. 

Be patient with yourself and life. Maybe that person is not the love of your life after all, and someone new and exciting is coming your way. 

"You have to stay calm, relax and allow (the guides) to finish it up for you to work through," said Summers. 

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Similarly, within your career, the angel number 999 is about accepting the outcome, whatever it may be, said Summers.

Maybe you decide to take a new job, meaning you have to rearrange your daily routine. Or you are made to transfer offices, meaning you have to meet a new set of coworkers and say goodbye to your old ones. 

It may seem like a rocky transition, but this old cycle has come to an end for a reason. 

"Take your time as you move into it," said Summers. "It's kind of a wiggle wobble in the ending." 

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The angel number 999 is associated with the hermit card in tarot, which also relates to completeness. This card represents the understanding and development of personal consciousness and calls to search for the next goal on your spiritual journey. 

The number nine is about experiences and allowing them to lead you your highest good and greatest joy. 

While it may be hard to trust the path at hand, 999 reminds us to be compassionate and open-hearted to all possibilities.  

"Just go with the flow," said Summers. 

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Even though things may not be going how you want them to or planned them to, do not resist or rebel, said Summers. Stubbornness can come about with the appearance of 999. 

It is key to practice non-resistance, having faith in the nine energy. "Easy way or hard way, what's going to end is going to end whether you like it or not," said Summers. 

It may be time to consider how you acted, what you gained or what didn't serve you in the past. Take each situation on your journey as a learning experience, as 999 teaches us to reflect and mature. 

"Once we have that humility and trust and faith, life only gets better," said Summers.

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